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Hi, Have you ever wondered why AP carries have zhonya's hourglass and AD carry's does'nt have such an item, well it maybe stupid, but i have an idea to give AD carry's that sort of item. It maybe a bit OP cause the majority of champions have ad or ad ratio's in his/her kit. I can't figure out a name yet, and i ask you, the community to figure out a name for this item. the combination i'm not sure about, cause it has to be evenly priced as zhonya's. a few patches ago i would say cloth armor + longsword to make like an armguard for ad carry's + a bf sword cause it was evenly priced as a needlesly large rod, but now it got reduced in price and bf sword did'nt so yah. Hope you recieve my idea well, Greetings Instaguard
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