Something SERIOUSLY needs to be done about AFKS in season 6 >_>

So over the past week I've been playing a lot, trying to get as high as I can before the end of the season. As you can see I play a lot of Udyr, I'v been losing 2-3 games every day or more from afks, about half my losses on Udyr are afks and I've failed a few promos too. Obviously everyone has the afk problem but nothing's been done, but something could be done without hurting anyone at all. Player who afks loses x2 LP. This could make it too difficult for people with bad connection or pc to play. Abused by booters too. Players in the game lose only half the LP they would have lost. Probably also abused by booters. So these wouldn't be an option. In games with an afker everyone gets a 50% reduction on LP gain and loss. Also abusable by booters.. Which means the only option is to make punishments to afkers more severe, or provide reward to people who don't afk. It would be fairly relaxed to have people lose an extra 3-5LP for afking but any more and it might become difficult for them to play. Other than that a regular afker isn't going to care about missing a reward. The other thing, there is also two types of afker, the people with bad internet, and the people with bad attitudes. A punishment scheme needs to be figured out that can effectively change the attitudes of afkers. Obviously it's not always going to be easy to just get better internet or a new PC which is probably the main problem because these people cant be made to feel cheated or helpless. One more thing, it could be based on elo and ranking. Everyone has different attitudes in different elos and naturally as you go higher there's going to be less people in general and less people who are afking because of PC or internet issues. A system could be designed to be more relaxed towards lower elo players. After thinking about everything in a lot of detail myself I can see why it's so difficult to change this. But something more can certainly be done, no matter how small that may be. How many afks have you had today? ^^ - One more thing just came to my mind, maybe regular afkers could get a tag for champ select and in game. That would certainly produce some problems with dodging but often dodging is ok 1-2 times a day just for the 5m wait, the LP loss is very minimal. As long as people don't get the tag for afking just 2 or 3 times it would be fine. It would be slightly harder for people with an afk tag to get into games but that's exactly why people wouldn't want this tag and make a stronger effort to avoid afking. It would be bad if these people started getting treated differently but I think there's quite a lot of merit to this idea. It's also pretty fair in terms of punishment. The only problem that comes to my mind is if people we're to report players for afking just to inflict a more severe punishment, but the system would be able to tell if someone really afked.
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