Custom Games SUCK

All credit for the post goes to MythicManiac just reposting this Link: So, we all know that in league of legends we have that one option. This one right here: Let's see what options do these custom games give us. So, the options we have here are: * Team size * Allow spectators * Game type, with a **whopping 4 game types**, which all are pretty much the same * Game name * Game password Yeah... **Introducing Custom Games 2.0** The goal of custom games should be **community created** game modes and content. We see this a lot in other games. Here are a few examples: Halo series, Starcraft, Minecraft, Garrys Mod and the list goes on. **Why does League of Legends have none of this?** I mean, we can't even set our cool down reduction to 100% and have infinite mana to mess around with friends. Heck, even Call of Duty has more customizability than League of Legends. Good things come out of community created content. **Have you forgotten how the entire MOBA genre got started?** That's right, the first MOBA games were **community created mods.** I find it interesting how come Riot has given next to no possibility to create anything in the game. The "once in a while" special game modes like "One for all" or "Showdown" were/are a step in the right direction (whatever happened to them), but really, 2 months wait for **one special game mode,** which is hosted only for a week? We can't even have it hosted in custom games after that. Oh I mean "custom games". So here are a few suggestions: **Add more of "custom" to your "games"** Now, games like Starcraft or Garrys Mod use scripts and actual mods for their custom content. This is harder to implement, but not impossible. If League of Legends would ever get this grade of customizability, I would be seriously impressed. On the other hand, games like the Halo series use a billion of game mode settings and a few default game modes. After all, it's a console game and you can't write scripts with consoles. (I'd like to point out that Halo 3 had the greatest custom games I've ever played. I spent around 2 years of playing those) So what League of Legends could do, is to create a system for creating and saving game modes. Maybe a community game mode browser, which you can publish your own game modes to and use other people's game modes from? Creating a game mode should give you a bunch of options like: * Turrets enabled? * Infinite mana? * Ranged champions enabled? * Melee champions enabled? * Minions enabled? * Jungle creeps enabled? * Free for all, or teams? * Base gold generation * Base hp regenation * Base mana regeneration * Base movementspeed * Base attackspeed * Base damage * Starting gold * Team specific stats, so you could create something like "infection"/"zombies" game mode * Enabling and disabling items * Maybe even modifying item's stats? The possibilities are endless. Throw in a few default game modes which include the base game mode mechanics (What wins the game: Destroying Nexus? Last survivor?) **MORE CUSTOMIZABILITY = MORE CONTENT = MORE FUN** **Technical** Now, the only problem I see with this system is, that for some reason, Riot hosts all the custom games by themselves. You can not locally host a custom game lobby. Heck, you can't even jump to a bot game by yourself if you don't have internet connection available. This shouldn't cause problems, but if they add a scripting support or real moddability, then it would be a security issue. However, like I stated, you do not require those things. Thanks for reading. I sketched up a picture demonstrating how the lobby should work: Basically, pregame should have all those options for maps and gamemodes, so **you should be able to change those after creating the lobby** After the game has ended, the post game screen should just be an "overlay" on top of the pregame lobby, so you're automatically taken back to the pregame lobby, ready for next game. This would make the general flow much smoother, instead of having to invite everyone again. As for what the pregame lobby could look like: Host only options at top right, game info should still be visible for everyone. Bottom right has options available for everyone. Players should be able to change teams from somewhere too, however, they don't have to be sorted in their own space consuming boxes for each team. Just make it sort the players in the order of which team are they in. This supports more than 2 teams if that would be ever implemented. Host should be able to move the host privileges for other players if he wants to, so in case another person has a nice game mode to play, everyone don't have to switch lobby. **Update 1:** This one is directed **@Riot** Obviously, **the community has decided it wants this feature added.** You can't argue with that. So far, there doesn't seem to be any reason why this shouldn't be implemented. Now, I recall some rioter sometime mentioning something like > The more game modes there are, the longer it takes for us to implement anything new, as we have to make sure none of the existing game modes are broken by the new content This is the reason why we choose to have a featured game mode rotation instead **Note:** this is not an exact quote So, if you can't officially support these game modes, then don't. It's as simple as that. The whole goal of this is to have a **community driven** system. You shouldn't have to worry about breaking unsupported game modes with updates, that should be up to the community. If they find that a patch broke something, they can submit a bug report. You on the other hand can have a team dedicated to the custom games, it's API, and bug fixing. Having a slightly bugged game mode available in your custom games, labelled as unsupported, is still better than not having it at all. ^ Most of the above was directed at the question: **"Why can't we have featured game modes in customs?"** Now, apparently, Riot tends to look up statistics quite a lot too. So maybe you're thinking > No, this is a bad idea. The custom game community is too small for this to be worth it. Well, if this is the case, how could you even measure something you don't have? I'm not going to lie, but the custom games don't come even close to the requirements for a real custom game community to emerge. Sure, there are people playing modes like Donger Dash, but that's not the community I'm talking about here. **How about competition among other MOBA games?** Hint: I heard Dota 2 is getting a map editor So, would you just rather tell all of the people, who really wish for real custom games to happen, to just go away? > Okay community, whoever wants to have any custom content, you should go over to Dota 2. We won't be getting that here any time soon I have a feeling you don't even know how large these communities are. > But we can't do that, people would stop playing normals No. The people who grind ranked for ranks, are always going to do that. The normal games I'm not so sure about, but I have a feeling the game wouldn't just flat out die because you gave the community something fun. We're not just looking at current players here, we're looking at people who have stopped playing LoL completely because it feels repetitive and becomes boring. Many people have commented saying something like: > I've played this game so much it's starting to get boring. This would be a great improvement Well, Riot, here is a great opportunity to implement something, which would get you completely new players, and old players to return. It seems, the only remaining concerns are: * Money * Time * Effort So as long as those go, it's entirely up to Riot, no arguing on that. My proposition would be: **All is up to you, Riot. It's now the time for you to show if you really care about the community** **Make sure to bump this post and upvote if you think this is a good idea** **Edit:** MythicManiac did some formatting for me. Thank you ! Ignore this down there pls

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