Yasuo getting a nerf?

I think with the preseason 6 patch you did perhaps forget that the items benifit all crit champions. Yasuo was already on the OP side before the patch and 5.22 well... it is not in a healthy state for the game and playing against it is not fair. HOW is he balanced, he has no weakness at all in this meta: 100% crit after 2 items(with either statik triforce or statik IE), the crazy mastery that heals him for more than Mundo and gives him approx 70% lifesteal (with lifesteal from 1 item). In lower elos especially,(altho i have only encountered him in normals luckily) in two games now (one with on against) the yasuos team made comebacks from scores like 1-18 and gold differentials of over 25k because of a yasuo, and even when I was playing him(inj the one game in which that happened) it wasnt fun because I knew that it was so stupidly unbalanced. Adding on to that is that the champions that do well against him in midlane are fairly weak right now(akali, kayle, malz for example, altho the toplane counters like fiora riven or jax are fairly strong). Furthermore he has a very strong laningphase in general anyway, superstrong midgame with spikes that hit after 1 item AND 2 items and then doesnt fall off any later. I would not be surprised to see compilations of yasuos 1v5ing in his current state. Suggestions? Perhaps nerf his crit scaling to 1.5 * crit? Reduce crit on tiems(altho that defeats the point of patch 5.22)? nerf the keystone mastery? nerf his dash scaling and cooldown? nerf his q cooldown? make his q a knockup after landing 4 q's? I really don't know what would make him halfway balanced, but currently he is really creating an atmosphere in which he dominates every lane and every phase of the game or being able to 1v1 a 6-item adc at 3 items(happened in my game before, and it wanst a brush facecheck or similar and our adc didnt misplay it).. Cheers if you have any comments pls dont flame or be insulting it defeats the point of the "community"

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