What happened to the rich 'Lore' section in LoL?

Hullo! I was sitting one evening, enjoying the lore of the different characters of LoL, starting from the first character created. I was quite amazed to read all this wonderful lore and happy to see a lot of hard work that really paid off. Wonderful short stories, letting me delve into the stories behind the characters I've always loved to play. I finally came to Gnarr, that little rascal. Again, a wonderful little short-story that tells us something about the furry fucker. And then I get to Azir... You see where this is going. THE DISAPPOINTMENT! What the hell happened to the lore? After Gnarr it's like you gave up on the lore. From here on out it's like 4-6 short lines of unimaginative storylines. It's like you just gave up pretending you're inventing CHARACTERS here. Not just champions you need to get paid for. There once was a time where I could enjoy LoL, because it was a moba where I could feel the heart of the creator. Now I just feel the cold touch of a money-grubbing hand around my own heart. Why did you take away our precious lore? And am I the only one feeling this way? Give that 'Lore' section some love! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Sincerely, b4ked

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