[Suggestion] Changing the LP Losses with one afk/dc/leaver in a team

Hey there, whoever may read this. I have a suggestion about the loss of LP points in games where there is a leaver/dc player in a team. I'm sure this has been suggested millions of times, but since I've never heard of it, I'm better suggesting it myself in an effort to improve this game. The suggestion is the obvious: Instead of taking LP from every player in the losing team, all LP losses from that game go to the leaver/dc/afk. If each one of the players in the losing team were to lose, let's say, 15 LP's, instead they lose none and the leaver gets the full packet of 75 LP Loss (15x5). In my opinion, the way it is now, it doesn't punish this people as much as they need to be punished. 9 reports (as its best if everyone reports them) is not enough, because let's be serious, if that person only goes afk/dc's in that game, he is not gonna get punished for just 9 reports, so he just ruined a game for 4 other people without punishment. And frankly, the people in the losing team don't deserve a loss in LP for having "bad luck" during the matchmaking. I don't think this is a wild idea, in fact some other games out there don't punish the people in the losing team when they have this "luck", so it's not a new way to deal with this. So, there goes my suggestion. Nothing else to say. Have fun in the Fields of Justice. Regards! TL;DR: The 4 non-afk people in the losing team don't lose LP and all the LP that they were to lose go to the afk/leaver/dc player.
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