Cryosis looking for top laner (Gold+)

Hello there, welcome to the recruitment thread for the team Cryosis. Firstly, a bit about what the team will be. The team will be semi-serious, as in taking the game seriously when we play together however when we are out of game it is completely lax, jokes etc are welcome, finger pointing and raging are not, anyone who turns out to be a rager will be asked to leave regardless of skill level. We are not LCS level, each game isn't a fight for our salaries, so there's no harm in a loss except a bit of an ego bruise, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There will be lots of time playing together, but we will also have discussions to create comps that we wish to play, whether hitting up the old s2 aoe madness comps or trying for an early pressure comp. We will be playing together from 1pm BST (UK) to 6pm BST on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, there is an android and iphone app for chat that you can download and send someone a message so that we aren't waiting around for you. Not showing up every so often but informing us is fine, but consistently not showing up will mean that we need to find someone who can meet the schedule. Requirements: I'd rather have everyone at roughly the same skill level so I'm only interested in gold players, what tends to happen when you have someone higher ranked in the team, from personal experience anyway (having joined a lower ranked team to help them, and also having joined a team with a higher ranked player) is that they tend to get bored due to the opponents being lower than them or get annoyed at allies because they don't know something that's second nature to the higher player. You must have a mic, we will be using raidcall for voip. Realise that everyone can improve, first step to climbing ranked is realising that neither you nor the other 9 players in the game are perfect, same goes for team environments, offering constructive criticism after a game and being willing to take it is essential to improvement. Genuinely main your role, don't apply as a midlaner because that spot is open when you would rather be playing top lane, you may have a whim to play mid but those whims tend not to last. As above, Gold rank, if you are currently unplaced then you must have placed gold in season 4. If you are interested, please fill out the app below so that I can organize who is playing what role and get some general info about yourselves. Role: Age: Rating (s5, or s4 if currently unplaced): Favorite champ to play: Top 5 champs: Can you meet the practice times?: What makes you a good pick for this kind of team?: Roles: Mid: ganryuk Top: Open Jungle: Homeless EUW ADC: Kritya Support: SuperDark Example of my app: Role: ADC Age: 20 Rating (s5, or s4 if currently unplaced): Gold 5 Favorite champ to play: Ezreal Top 5 champs: Caitlyn, Graves, Ezreal, Corki, Jinx Can you meet the practice times?: Yes What makes you a good pick for this kind of team?: I have some experience with tournament play from season 2, having created a team that stood for multiple months on the NA server (I am from EU so timezones were an issue), we competed in go4lols a few times, once reaching the semfinals. I have also been a part of a progression raid team in wow, which has taught me quite a bit about how keeping a cool head and keeping persistent can result in success where there was once repeated failure. I am looking for a long term team that is looking to provide a place for improvement, both as individual players and a team as a whole.
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