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Hey, my name is Liam, I have played since season 1. I have made two/three teams within the past which have reached gold, I am currently gold 3 with a gold 4 Support (in his promotion series). I am looking to be plat by the end of this season, we are looking to create a team that will reach plat+. I have good skills as a team leader from my job and also from being in a team on 'game-battles' on other game platforms (call of duty). I am looking for some serious players that wish to play together regular in SoloQ and team games to create team synergy. **Current roles filled are:** Mid lane - _____ Jungler - _____ ADC - Fappydesigns Support - Miniboc Top - ____ **Requirements for roles differentiate slightly but main requirements include** - > Skype/Teamspeak if you really wish but personally I have a good computer and can run Skype during games. > Must have a microphone with little/no background noise during games, if we are stressed it may aggravate the situation. > Must speak English (doesn't have to be 100% but being able to speak it helps us understand more clearly). > Game knowledge is key, being able to play META champions and being able to understand going for a level 3 dragon is not as valuable as early game > pressure is very basic knowledge so knowing these things will be tested during scrims/trials. > Must be very mature for your age or 16+. > Obviously we are going to be serious and generally looking for dedicated friends, not just team mates so please copy and paste this at the bottom of your application "I have read the requirements BRO". I do not expect 100% attendance to scrims/play time, that is not possible for anyone but obviously playing regular helps a lot! I play after work everyday for multiple hours so I am always around to message if needed as to why you can't play eg that specific day etc. I am trying to be very straight to the point with people.. If you're not good enough I will decline your application and make it clear that you have not made the cut. But fortunately if you're lucky enough to make it and you are given criticism, then don't take it like a little girl, please accept it as I will also accept criticism from you if I mess up, we can't all be perfect, but understanding we have faults and fixing them improves us as players. Please fill out this form, I've made it easy so you can copy and paste it ;) My in-game name is - The role I am applying for is - Champion pool (champs you can play) - Reason I want to join your team - Why I should be accepted - Current rank - Rank last season - I am able to use Skype - yes/no I have a microphone - yes/no I am 16+ and mature - age/yes/no "I will not rage when receiving criticism" (you can criticise me if I mess up don't worry!). 'I have read the requirements above' -
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