[Plat+] Black Rose eSports are looking for a sub ADC and a Support now

Hi! We're a Compete League premier league team and we're looking to tryout supports and sub adcs. If you don't know what Compete League is: https://lol.competeleague.com/#/home . We're in the premier league which means that all our games are streamed sort of like they would be on lcs with shoutcasters etc. We're in the gold/plat league so you also need to be ranked lower than d5, and not be diamond last season. We're looking for a support for the main team and an ADC for the secondary team that will play in weekly tournaments and sub in games if our main adc cannot play. There's a few requirements: Be ranked plat 3 or higher OR be atleast plat 5 with a win rate of 55% + Be able to use discord and speak good english(Good enough to talk and be understood) Be prepared to attend scrims against other compete league teams atleast 2 or 3 times a week Previous experience in playing teams isn't required but preferred, I look forward to hearing from you! If interested, add me in game: BRE Cicero Edit: Thank you for the applications! We're not longer trying out supports
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