Fun Custom ARAM games with The Chaos Vanguard

Hello everyone, Every Friday and Sunday at 8pm GMT+2 (7pm UK time) I host Fun Custom Inhouse games with The Chaos Vanguard members and we would like to have some non-member players to join us every now and then. The games are only for fun, and sometimes we spice it up with some fun game mode such as Faction fight, Blind Pick ARAM or Hunt the Teemo etc. League of Legends just like every other game in my opinion should be fun, so if you agree with that add me in game CV CupcakeSusie and come play with us :). And who knows...maybe you'll like it here so much, that you never want to leave again ^^. There is only one tiny thing though, you need to be at least 16 years old :). Cheers, Susie♥
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