Yasuo ADC Main 71% W/R Looking For Silver Duo

Hello guys, I'm climbing during this season by using my main pick yasuo in the botlane but i can play other adcs too, except they're not good in this meta, except maybe for lucian, but he got nerfed in this patch. Currently i have 71% w/r solo with yas on over 40 games almost all played as adc, i know my champ decently, and i know how to play in almost every situation. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=PantsuAreJuicy I'm looking for a supp to play with me, just to make it easier for me, cause i feel like i could have an even higher w/r if i'm not everytime matched with a random. I need someone who can play poke champions like Zilean, Zyra or such so that he can put pressure on the adc when he tries to AA me, on the other hand me i full push the bot and take constant vision control around it, sometimes i gank the jungler if i know he's getting low etc.
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