[EUW][DIA] Team looking for Top + Jungle

L'equipe Gaming is now looking for new players to join its League of Legends Team. Lequipe Gaming is in the third division of the Telenorligaen. We are looking for players who have experience from team before and want to improve. There will be 2-3 days a week of training and tournaments. We will also look to go on lan events. Positions Recruiting for: Top Jungle Requirements: Able to fluently communicate in English/Norwegian 16 Years + Diamond V + Able to take Criticism Available for LAN attendance What Lequipe Gaming can offer: Partnered with L.E.D Clothing Studio's. Paid Entry to Tournaments and Premium Events. Other Benefits will be discussed on acceptance into the Squad. Fill out if interested; https://goo.gl/forms/iC7Ao8WAUIhkbLGB2

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