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League of Legends summoner statistics of the summoner Steelixian in Europe West.
Silver 5 Dedicated player looking for a team aiming to go high. I was taught by diamond/plat players and I am currently working up the ELO moderately fast. My main is {{champion:103}} mid 100% win ratio 9 games. I main all roles and mostly fill. Ive got every single champion disregarding about 4-5 that I seriously hate. I can play all champions well. What ever is needed comp wise I take. Ive been taking swain and olaf a lot lately and have been disemboweling the enemy team. I'm not afraid to admit I was out played or even admit that was my own stupid Aye Es Es for making a daft play. Look forwards to hearing from any one. Please be super cereal and have at least a 50% win ratio going on.
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