Ranked 5's Team recruiting

Hey, My team are currently going over a complete rework due to members no longer being able to commit certain times for playing. We are currently looking for a Mid, Top and Jungle. We want people who know and understand how to play the game but also understand how to play as a team and adapt to the teams styles. Trials will be offered to people after you provide certain information, in the trials you must show that you are willing to learn/adapt, that you can hold your lane equal or even win without assistance the majority of the time, you must show you have good communication skills and also able to listen. We have a website and TS which you will be invited to if successful and we also have a relatively big community of people who also play other games such as CS:GO, Guild wars 2, RS, Minecraft etc. So in your spare time there will be people for you to chill out with and meet others. If you are interested then add me in game my summoners name is RyForan, or simply message me on here but adding in game will get a quicker response generally. Thanks :)

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