Is it just bad bad luck or what?! LFG

Was plat 4 with 90LP+ and in 2 days i lost everygame to 0 lp plat 5. I don't remember plat being such a trollish division. I am sick of having trolls in every ranked game, the past 2 days I had annie adc, TF jungle that would die from jungle camps, players that pick whatever champs despite the fact that we didn't had any ap or too much ad or tanks. This DQ is unplayable alone. The greatest challenge here in low plat is to survive your team. Finished the last season in plat 2 and i can't get past plat 5 . Want to climb back again. If someone wants to duo/trio and farm some LP (Plat 5 +) leave a comment here with your ign. Thank you and good luck on the ladder .
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