Looking for Toplaner and Support

**About us:** We are a midlaner, a jungler and an adc and play together in the evening (GMT+1). We are all barely 20+ years old and use voice communication. Last season we were high silver/ low gold, this season we lost most of our placement games and ended up being placed as high bronze/ low silver. Our Midlaner has a deep champion pool, but generally prefers playing control mages. His most common picks are Orianna, Lux, Ahri, Viktor or Brand depending on the match up and what he deems best fit for the current meta. He makes lame puns. Our Jungler mostly plays assasins like Evelynn or Nocturne, sometimes tanks like Sejuani or Nautilus or devourer junglers like Shyvanna or Kayle. He can play Vi. He looks handsome and is a friendly guy. Our adc prefers high mobility champions like Vayne, Lucian or Ez. He can play Sivir for utility or Varus and Caitlyn if we decide to run a poke comp. He sometimes flashes into a group of enemies and dies on the spot. He sings sometimes and it sounds really shitty and annoying. **About you:** You have some maturity, play to win, don't mind some friendly banter ("Nice flash" if you flash into a wall or "I hope you die, crying and alone in a deep, dark and cold hole, regretting your birth and cursing the gods." if you miss a Q). You don't mind using voice communication. You can play most days in the evening. **The toplaner:** You should be able to and enjoy playing two teamfighting tanks/offtanks (Malphite, Gnar, Mao…) and one carry top (Fiora, Jax, Gankplank…). You should be able to not feed when you lose lane or get camped. **The support:** You should be able to and enjoy playing farm/poke lanes with disengage supports like Janna, Lulu or Nami and kill lanes with supports like Blitz, Nautilus or Annie. You should be able to provide vision and bring some utility without dying a lot even if you are behind. Our goal will be to improve, have fun and climb ladder. Also getting some of that sweet sweet party bonus ip. Add me and we can play some games to get to know each other!
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