Silver Team Looking For Players

We are a currently a UK Silver team looking for experienced, active players in at least silver + division and speak English. Must have TeamSpeak for communication as we have a server setup already. Looking to improve not only as individuals but as a team to find our strengths and weaknesses, Learning champs, Objective control etc. Must have the mind-set to learn and take criticism as we have the drive and commitment to get better, succeed as a team and most of all enjoy the game. Players have to want to join us, I wont just let you in the team and be a straggler and play with us when you want. We are a team so make sure you commit to us!. Let us know more about you and fill out the form provided below: Age: IGN: Speak English: Current rank: Primary lane and what champs: Secondary lane and what champs: How often do you play?: Crunch (Leader)
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