Looking for a group of people just to have fun with

For the past 2 weeks(?) I've been playing nothing but bot matches. I realize now that I'm terrified of normal/ranked matches. Why? Player Behavior. I can honestly say I get much more enjoyment out of all chatting with my opponents than I do chatting with my teammates. You make one mistake? The entire team just about skins you alive... it gets to a point where you wish being skinned alive was an option. If I jungle and lose a duel to the other jungler? Oh, boy. Don't get me started. I'm an ADC who has to stay under the turret to stop from dying? "plz report for troll k ty". I take a little longer to jungle because "I AM SO OP JAX" stole my blue buff in the beginning? "Ur so bad uninstall noob." (Not even kidding. He didn't do it accidentally. I was just about to kill it and he jumped in.) Mid? No. Mid is a no-no. No. NOOO. No. Please no, I'd rather jump off a cliff, thank you. The only decent place is top lane, really. I've had a match as Darius going against a Garen, and for just about the whole match we were chatting, gathering up cs, and it was like there were no other champions on the entire map because there were no ganks for either of us. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed crushing him later... but the thing that really made it enjoyable? He wasn't an absolute sourpuss over it. I could go on about this for hours. Days even. But bottom line? I'm just looking for a team to play normals or ranked with who, like me, just want to play for the enjoyment and don't have this over whelming desire to win. If we win, woo! If we lose? Eh, better luck next time! Whether there's a group out there who are missing a member, or if there are other individuals like me who want to start a team like this, I'd love to play with you. If anyone is interested... Tell me your Summoners Name and I'll shoot you a request!
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