Looking for ranked team 5V5's (I'm diamond 5 SoloQ) Jungle main from Season 3 to Season 6

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Hi I'm SapphireNocturne (on league). I'm a Jungle main looking for a team with people of the same skill rating as me so not below d5. I've been playing since quinn's release which was april of season 3. I'm familiar with match ups and teamplay. I've been in 2 teams previously where I peaked at plat 3 in season 5 in ranked team 5V5. About me: I'm 18 years old; I'm english though I live in France so I speak both english and french fluently. I use Teamspeak or anything but skype (I hate skype). My summoner name is "SapphireNocturne" so you can add me in game. My main champions in the Jungle: -Nocturne, Elise, Kayle, Lee, Nidalee, Rek'Sai. Other champs I have mastery 5 on, but know how to play but I don't play all the time: -Kindred, Shyvana, Skarner, Master Yi. Champs I can play for ranked teams 5V5 and Am familiar with; -Sejuani, Olaf, Wukong, Nautilus, Volibear, Fiddlesticks. I reached Diamond 5 playing by myself as a solo player during the preseason. Then I climbed up to it as a solo player in season 6. I can also fill as support I times needed. My supports being Janna, Thresh and Morgana. Though I'm here for the Jungle role. I'm available any day ranked team 5V5 is up so we can train. I can be a team captain since the plat III team that I had was lead by myself. I can shotcall if needed but I think the support is best suited for that. Hope to see you on the rift. Cy@

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