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Hello fellow Summoners! So i have been around for quite a while in the LoL Scene, or atleast playing the game on 0.5 % top of the world. Playing the game i reached Diamond 2 81 LP as highest peak in Season 6, and im still quite interested in the game. When i look at sports like football, rugby, volleybal or other sports, i can see that the goal is to improve in the gameplay/skills needed for the sport. This training/improving part of the sportsworld is often done by a coach. So i figured that there would be LoL coaches right. I was kind of dissapointed when i realised that the only dedicated _non_-professional coaches we're LS and Neacy _ _ Why are there not more known coaches that provide LoL players with information or experience to improve their gameplay and skills from ? When i realised this i have decided that i want to start coaching players myself. I want to help players who are stuck in their current ELO or tier because they dont know how to improve. And there are videos by youtubers that could be usefull and explaining the topic you have questions about. But they dont explain specific situations, they are just a general way of how to play the game. To make sure that you know that i am someone who knows the game : So what do i offer; In any session we can go over questions you have and the basics if you want or do not use them. I can offer you a session or multiple sessions where we go over your questions and mistakes. I can offer you a live coaching where you broadcast the game you play, (twitch, hitbox or whatever) and we can go over your gameplay after the game. I can offer teamcoaching where we go over macro decisions etc. I can offer you insights on how to play the game, general questions about the meta and whatsoever. So how do you come into contact with me; you add me on my EUW account called Zaodan, tell me who you are what rank you are and what type of session you prefer. Aswell as you explaining your question, and telling me your role. I hope i can help people with this, dont be afraid to add me for any questions. (Dont look at grammatical mistakes as this is my 2th language ;p) Goodluck in Summoners Rift and see you all!
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