looking for ranekd team members

hello! my name is beau and im currently 16 years old( 17 in september:P ) i am looking for members to join my ranked team. since this ranked team has already played serveral games last season so the invites are limited for by 3 a week. T.T rito plz anyways i'd like to bring life back into this team by getting new fresh and exciting members. since i can only invite 3 members and the last one for 5v5 next week i want to play some 3v3 ranked teams or just play whatever to get to know eachother better to get that synergy going :D so the sooner all the roles are filled the faster we can get to know each other. so here are some things i want you to be/have 1. speak english on a decent level. (ofcourse because communication is important! :D) 2. silver or higher :) 3. i preffer to use skype but if most of the members preffer teamspeak then ofcourse that is what we will use :) 4. have to be from eu West. its easier to play games without me having to much trouble with timezones :3 ( think about my health senpai T-T) 5. bring your good mood with you! we don't want it that you start giving up when we are on the losing side! winning is always possible ;) 6. please say so which role you want to play/main in the ranked team 5v5 so i can fill that up without having the problem that i have 3 mid mains when we are diving into 5v5. that is all for now! make sure when you contact me here in the comments below or when you are adding to give me as much detail about you that you can give( ofcourse private information stays private ;) ur name, age and were you are from aswel as stuff about your acc is good enough! ^_^ my IGN is macdonaldsNA if you want to add me on league and i will check very frequently on here if you leave a comment ;) if you read this very long post i take it u are very enthusiastic to join the team :D greetings, Beau, support main (s4){{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}}
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