Hello, Since Riot decided to allow dia+ players a maximum of 3man dynamic queue, this will be a team that focuses on scrims and entering tournaments. We will set a couple days a week to train 5 man, so the other days people can still focus on their dynamic queue rank aswell. The team recruitment just started, but we already got promising members in every position but midlane. what do we want from you? - Dia+ only - Meta champion pool (being able to adapt to every meta switch) - understanding your role (maining it obv) - clear mic - motivated players - open to any critics - able to communicate We offer motivated players that want to go as far with the team and in their individual performances aswell. We got a teamspeak server and once the roster is filled we can discuss how we want to manage stuff and potentially look for a coach. To apply to the team please fill out the following form and post it in that thread: Age: Nationality: Online times: Soloq Rank: Previous team experiences: Champion pool: Playstyle: Why should you take me: Any thing else you want to add: Just leave a comment here where u fill out the written above and I will contact you soon. Greetings
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