Recruiting ALL GOLD team for weekly bronze-gold tournaments 1600RP prizes

Would anyone be interested in joining an all gold team for tournaments where only bronze to gold players are allowed? Prizes are 1600 RP first place. Looking for gold players to start play with on friday or sathurday. We will be playing one tournament a week on set dates. Comment below if you would like to join. Requirements: Write comment with timezone, Gold elo, lane, champion pool. Mic is not needed since I dont feel its neccesary at the moment. I will be picking out the team from the comment section and we will start play friday night or sathurday depending on timezones. First tournament will be on sunday. Once the team is picked and ready ill teach everyone how to register and be eligible for prizes. For example if we get really good and win four tournaments in a row on one month we all would get 6400 RP. The competion is mostly silver players. Hardest games will be against higher golds but even that shouldnt be hard at all with some Practise with the team. Will also start a 5v5 ranked team for us to train with for the tournaments. Edit: I'll add the ones I picked on friday
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