Team Night - More than a team! [Age 16+] [Rank Unranked to Challanger] [Community] [Ranked Team]

**Team Night** We are a Community with over 50+ people now!. Are you interested in gaming with others because you got bored of playing alone or you want to climb out of your elo you are at the right place. We offer a community that is still growing! we got ranked teams from bronze to master also got alot of active people that are almost always online to play with. Requirements: 1. Age 16+ 2. Don't be a rager 3. Don't be a flamer 4. Don't be a %%%% to others That is it Our community! 1. Owner - Nightfly 2 Admins - Volatileistoxic and Reason4Applause2 A-Team leader - Nightfly - Fun not to serious - 25 people! - everyone welcome B-Team leader - Dev94 - High elo team! - 5 people isn't looking for more now C-Team leader - Specko - Low elo team - 10 people D-Team Leader- None got 4 people now! - Plat only! F-Team Leader- None got 2 people now! - Silver - Gold Interested to Join our community!? 1. Join us on Discord! - 2. go to register! 3. fill in this template! in register in discord ingameName ELO/rank - S6 and S7 Roles Champion Pool Why a ranked Team What team do you think u like the most and why? Where do you know us from?
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