Looking for duo, or entire team even.

New season started. I was Gold last season and got placed in silver, so I was thinking if other people are in the same situation we could team up, get some OP champs and team comps, and climb back up real fast. I main top with GP, but I am also a good jungler. I would like to get someone who used to be gold or higher to play some high impact jungler (like Mumu or Wukong) or mid laner (like Annie or Lux), and help each other climb. So we could do Top/jung and jung/mid or something so we always get roles that can cooperate a lot, get lots of AoE and utility, and hard carry our way back up there. And maybe make friends along the way. And if other people with the same requirements can play other roles, maybe like MF or Corki and Nautilus or Leona, we could even make a nice full team combo. Just an idea, hope someone else agrees with it. Obviously required a skype and good english, at least gold last season. Drive to improve and find best team comps to win, while also having fun. No raging, no anger if things don't always go perfectly. No flaming. Play a lot, possibly every day (unless of course you have to do something important IRL) Lemme know if anyone is interested. I used to have a duo, but over the last season he became really toxic and did not really want to improve or practice. So I am looking for new duo/teammates/friends. Hope I find some here! Have a nice day :)

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