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Hello there, Me and a couple of other friends have been playing league for a while and we want to increase the size of our group. We are very casual, wich means we like to have fun but are also serious when needed. Currently we have 2 very active players and 1 who doesn't have as much time as us, but we are thinking about getting into 5v5 games. We have been doing 3v3's off and on all of last year. When preseason started we decided to get back into 3's and got to plat 5 relatively quick and plan to get diamond this year either in 3's or 5's. Or untill we get our full roster we will probably work on our solo/duo rankings. Current roster: Top: filled Jungle: filled Midlane: not filled (only have sub) ADC: not filled Support: not filled Requirements: - Skype - Age: doesn't matter as long as you're mature enough - mic - min lvl 30 (if you are willing to learn from mistakes you should be able to get better no matter how low you are in rankings) So far we have 3 Belgian players, so depending on who joins we will be speaking Dutch or English. Also league isn't the only game we play. So some nights we like to something else like Wildstar, hearthstone to name a couple. League is one of our priority games though ofcourse. If you are interested in other games also, feel free ask if we play it or if you want to suggest it to us. Because of problems in the past I'll talk more about what we want so we don't get the "It's not going fast enough" and leave 2 days into it. Being someone who like really close groups of friends it's hard to find the right people and it takes a long time aswell. So it might take a little while to fill the roster completely. If you want to get into a team directly and start 5v5's instantly then this probably isn't the group you are looking for. We will probably be doing solo/duo, 3v3's, normals and dynamic que for a while untill we have a complete roster for 2016. Thank you for reading, hopefully see you on the rift soon, Hierios
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