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bloodhore / Platinum 3 24LP / 75W 54L Win Ratio 58% / Vayne - 24W 13L Win Ratio 65%, Quinn - 19W 5L Win Ratio 79%, Ziggs - 13W 7L Win Ratio 65%, Caitlyn - 13W 7L Win Ratio 65%, Draven - 9W 9L Win Ratio 50%
Hi, Im looking for a supp main to reach diamond this season. I've been plat since s3 but never tried to climb to diamond. Now i wanna change that. So if you are a supp main around my elo and think u can reach diamond feel free to add me so we can play some games and see how it works. I have good stats on my main adc's and those are {{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} and sometimes {{champion:115}} . I have ts3, curse, discord .... Im goin to play tomorrow evening (friday around 20.00) so im looking forworth to play some games then. Greets
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