LFT Jungle Main, Nocturne Main Platinum 1 ATM (Bilingual , english/french) Looking For Team 18ye old

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Hello Summoners ; As a Jungle main I'm looking for a team, at least all over Platinum 1 in soloQ. In season 5 I had a team and we managed to get plat 3 in team 5V5, so I have some experience in team ranked. We disbanded because of our support who didn't know how to not get caught and also because of people not showing up on time every night. I'm available every night (7pm GMT) except some Thursday nights. I'm also available throughout the weekend and on some week days during the day. I can speak 2 languages fluently , english and french in case team is half and half. I should add that I'm 18years old. For my picks, I tend to play only Nocturne in soloQ having approximately 1.2k games with him throughout the seasons. For team ranked I can also play champions such skarner , sejuani ,elise ,shyvana/rek'sai/kindred very well having at least mastery 5 level on them all except sejuani. Before you think about taking me in for test runs, please note that I'm looking for a team that actually plays at least 8 games a week and that people on the team respect the team ranked times for the week. If u think that my champ pool isn't big enough then I have the time to train something else in particuliar if we really need it. I have good mic and have Teamspeak and such. Anything but skype because fuck that xD. Thx for reading this and hope to see you on the rift. Don't forget if u want to recrute me, add me in game "SapphireNocturne" because I almost never go on league forums.
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