Team looking for students (TODAY) in the netherlands for NSEL spring split (jungle&support or top)

Hey there, edit: **We now have 5 players, still, let us know if you are interested to sign up as a sub** _our team is **urgently** looking for a **jungler **and a **support **today. It is heavily preferred you are a student in the Netherlands, it would be nice if you spoke Dutch. Our current roster holds 3 players who were ranked mid to high plat last season. It is also preferred your elo is at least a bit comparable._ _We can swap a bit around making **toplane** and either jungle or support available if needed. The deadline for signup is **today**, basically games are played on sunday evenings and a one time entrance fee of about 7 euros per person will be required. For more info on the NSEL spring split visit their website._ _To contact us you can reply on this post **and** contact either me, "sidfanDX" or "Master Spicy" asap. Cheers_
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