Last Remedy Gaming

A new team is being formed under the name 'Last Remedy'. We are looking for players from silver 3 and above to compete in twice weekly bronze to gold tournaments for now, with progression into higher ranks and competitions in the future. Mid lane is currently filled, but all other positions are open. We are searching for players who are calm and collective in game, have a real keen sense of team spirit, are willing to discuss and take on constructive criticism, and looking to advance their rankings and roles within the game. You must also be able to play regularly during week evenings, and must be capable of speaking english We are also searching for a shotcaller who wishes to take on that level of responsibility. I will be working closely to help them, and forming the team for them to lead through games, and build up high levels of trust. (must speak english to high proficiency) We are building this team for the long term. Once a set team has been established, a coach will be also brought into the team to further the players, as we look to win those low level competitions, and in time, compete at a higher level. If interested, add 'Greivance' on EU West
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