Platinum toplaner looking for 5's team.

Greetings. I'm in search of a 5's team, i main toplane most of the time. I've played this game since season 1, in season 1 i wasnt level 30, Season 2 i got instantly platinum, my first ever ranked season, i then climbed to diamond is Season 3, Season 4 i was diamond, but decayed down because of lack of play and i had other things to do, Now i season 5 i'm platinum, (decayed again from diamond 4) And I just started playing again and slowly climbing back to diamond. I main Ekko,Gnar,Garen,Jarvan, my off to the side characters are , Renekton,Cho'gath,GP,Kennen. I can play most top champs without problems, i can learn a new champ in just a few days of soloQ play and it would be no problem if the team wanted a specific champion, i would gladly train for that. I'm looking for a Gold 1+ team I prefer using skype to talk. Add me in-game if you wish to know more.

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