Looking for chill people to play with, again

Hello there! Are you bored? Too much time on your hands? Do you find yourself thinking things like: "Boy, I wish I had 1 more strange person on my friend list" or: "That midnight spaghetti sure hit the spot"? Yes? Then I have a great deal for you. For the low low price of a friend request, you too can get your very own, limited edition, Slovenian League Friend™ or SLF™ (there are less than 2.066.000 in the world)! The SLF™ has a special built-in no-flame patent, self-updating rank feature starting at Gold 1 and a "too-much-free-time" module, which guarantees play-time, satisfaction and entertainment***** (*play-time, satisfaction or entertainment not actually guaranteed). This 1996 male model performs decently in normal games and ARAMs, and occasionally partakes in ranked play. It can adapt to users of any rank (but it is advised to mind the preset rank feature of the SLF™ at Gold 1 to avoid difficulties with use). Don't take it from us, we asked previous users of SLF™ on their opinion about the product. Some responses include: "Get out of my house!", "Who the hell are you?" and "I'm calling the police!" But wait, there's more: if you get one now, you can also get a complimentary unwritten instruction manual, with guidelines such as: "Keep SLF™ away from longer exposition to flaming" and "Respond in a reasonable amount of time to occasional messages from SLF™". So don't delay, get your SLF™ today at IGN: darkzero269! (comes with a lifetime warranty)

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