Looking for a high silver/gold main support or jungler to duo with.

Nessa95 - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Nessa95 / Silver 4 56LP / 269W 292L Win Ratio 48% / Rakan - 104W 91L Win Ratio 53%, Lux - 21W 21L Win Ratio 50%, Varus - 18W 17L Win Ratio 51%, Karma - 15W 12L Win Ratio 56%, Xayah - 13W 14L Win Ratio 48%
Long story short: i was silver 1 a few weeks ago (maybe a month) then i started losing non stop and went all the way down to silver 5. I lost my mind in the process. And now im coming back and focusing on the adc role. I use MF and kaisa mostly nowadays. You can check my sad story on my opgg too lol. I use voice chat on the weekends and some other days in the mornings. If you are interested in climbing together, add me in game and say hi. GL & HF! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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