Team Recruit for 5s. Dia +

ello mate. LFM Support{{champion:432}} Jungle{{champion:421}} ADC{{champion:51}} My friend and I, are trying to pull together a serious team, with regulary practices and trying too climb. I'm (Visilix) playing mid lane. If you want to make a apply for the team, you should consider yourself as mature, and We DO NOT want any flamers, blamers, ragers, or players that tilt very easily. and special not anybody who quits if we losses a game, there will be losses and will be wins. we'll progress though it, and overcome our failures. And if somebody from the team are suggesting things that you can improve, we would like you to listen and take it as a help. Ofc. you can tell other how they can improve as well. So if it sounds like something you would be interested in then apply. Age: Fluent in English? Skype/TS/Both: SoloQ Rank: 5s Experience: Main Role (Top/Jungle/Support): Flex Roles: Main Champion: Comfortable Champions: Open to learning New Champions (YES/NO): Playstyle/End Notes: My Ingame is ''Visilix '' if you have any questions. Have a good day, and thanks for taking time to read this.
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