Looking for chill people to play with

Hello! I suppose I should lead with something about me. I am a mid/supp main, but I tend to switch it up every now and then. I generally play normal games with my friends, from time to time I dabble in ranked too (I'm currently Plat V). I can get somewhat competitive, but I mostly play League for the casual experience of having fun with your friends. As of late, I find my friend list to be more empty than I would like, and it'd be super swell if I could change that situation. The solution as I see it would be to add a name or two to this list, where the owners of said names were respectable people. What I mean by respectable is that you don't turn into a flamethrower when things aren't going your way, and well, that you're a generally decent person. I don't care about your rank, only the type of person you are (see respectable above). I can understand occasional outbursts, we're all only human, but those shouldn't be your defining quality. I'm looking for some cool people to play pretty much all the game-modes, chat with on occasion - generally hang out and have a good time with. Of course it wouldn't need to be limited to just LoL either. If what I briefly described above sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you fit the set criteria, feel free to send a friend invite :) (IGN: darkzero269) Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'd put a {{champion:26}} here to compensate, but that would be silly. GL & HF on the rift!
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