EUNE - Creating a Team - Silver/Bronze

Hello guys If your interested pop your name bellow however I do have some requirements id like you to answer in your comments. (Note : Comment with your main account on EUNE) (Try to keep your time zone near the English one so we don't have to wait till the end of the day to play a game) 1 - Skype 2 - Toxic or non Toxic (this has no effect however I like to find out[not optional]) 3 - Do you play league more or less then 3 hours a day 4 - Do you play league more or less than 7 hours a week(1 hour a day) 5 - Your main Roles (dont say fill however you can say all lane main) note : [ I AM NOT SEXIST = I will not reject anyone because of their gendre] If your interested pop your name with the response to these questions. I have some other rules but i wont go into detail about them as its need to know. What we will do : At the start we will play some blind pick matches see the champ preference. When we start to win more often and sync with each other we can then move onto ranked. This group could possible have Raging people but we will try to change them for more positive players. The group Name is decided by the the team I will be team captain as I am the one setting it up. If you have questions Ill try and respond to them. APOLOGIES to you all this group has been created and filled however you could use the bellow chat to create your own groups.
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