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The Chaos Vanguard
The Chaos Vanguard
**What is "The Chaos Vanguard"?** The Chaos Vanguard is a massive multi-gaming community which has been founded about two years ago by long term friends and people who have a dedication and passion for gaming. It's a community that is always looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. We currently have around 500+ people online on teamspeak each day, it has been growing significantly since we started and we're not planning on stopping any time soon. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you meet most of our members. **What other games do we play?** Over the years we have expanded on many different games and plan to continue on doing so. (Battlefield 1 being our most recent addition.) - League of Legends - Overwatch - CSGO - Battlefield 1 - Smite - H1Z1 - Heroes of the Storm - Rocket League - And many many more. As well as teamspeak rooms for random games. **What can you expect from us?** The Chaos Vanguard strives to be a home for all gamers alike. Both social/casual as well as competitive. _The Chaos Vanguard; Social/Casual_ - Daily Inhouses (custom games with CV-members) - Around the clock games. (ARAMs and Normals) - Plenty of people to play with, regardless of rank. (Via in-game chatroom as well as discord and teamspeak) - Fundays hosted EVERY Saturday and Sunday where we play Cards Against Humanity, Town of Salem and more! Bringing people together from all the variety of games we support. - Not in the mood to play a game? Jump on the forums and share your experience, interests and stories with other members. Find a coach or a team to (improve your) play. Or jump in one of our many social groups, listen to music or make new friends in a mature and safe environment. _The Chaos Vanguard; Competitive_ - Plenty of people to duo with from Bronze all the way up to Challenger. - Options to create and/or find your own team within the Chaos Vanguard. Plenty of free-agents as well as existing teams. - Personal ranked team channels provided on teamspeak. (Your team name + your own password) - Tournaments and events hosted by the Chaos Vanguard. Including prizes and giveaways. - Clan vs Clan matches, get your chance to represent our community facing of against other communities! - Coaches. The option to become a coach and help others, or find a coach yourself to help improve your gameplay. **Requirements to join** - We strive to keep a fun and mature environment so being 16+ is a must. - You'll need a working microphone and teamspeak 3. (Teamspeak 3 is free to install/use) **How to join?** You can find us on You can register your account and apply. Or jump on teamspeak straight away at (Jump in one of the waiting rooms just below the main lobby and a staff member will help you out asap.) If you are not sure of what to do, please feel free to contact one of the following staff members: CV Snoopy, Loopylamaaa, Dieseldodger or CV Blood
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