(EUNE) Looking for a nice, friendly and laid-back players!

**TL;DR:** Trying to find nice, non-toxic players to have nice times when playing LoL (probs not Ranked)! Add me on LoL: Synestesia - - - Hello, fellow summoners! My summoner name is Synestesia on EUNE and I like to play this game, haha. What I lack is friends to play especially on the weekends. I usually have 3-5 friends to play, it depends, but they all have their lives (... Currently, I don't have. Sad face.) and pretty much we don't play as much as I would like. And usually, we lack 1 to 2 players on our teams, so it would be nice to add some ~~serious~~ nice players to complete our group! What we hate are flaming, toxic people since we play this game for fun. And alot ARAM, since it's "easy". .. But on the weekends, they have lots to do and/or they like to be offline since they're online every week and they just need some lone time. So, weekends are very long for me and usually I would like to play some lol (and maybe Overwatch later ;D). And usually if we play, we play only after 20-21 EEST. So I pretty much have the whole day and almost the whole evening nothing to do. **What I look for:** - Playing for fun, pretty much - Nice, laid-back people, who don't yell or act rudely for their teammates or the opposing team (Well, you are able to fight fire with fire if they're flaming, but usually they're pretty much only trolls who want to get some reactions out of you to please them when they're upset or something. And you can, of course, report and block if there's a reason. We want those players out of the games, don't we... ;) - ARAM, Normal and bot games - Be patient with me, I haven't played PvP much, I used to be pretty scared of people haha... - Not to critize too much, since we all have our ways to play. And even tho I hate it about myself, since it's not very good thing, I don't take critizism very well. I'm trying to grow out of it, since it helps everyone to get better. Sometimes it is just pretty annoying if someone on your team tries to control how you play, I'm pretty much sure lots of you know what I'm talking about. I am able to voice chat, but bear with me... I haven't spoken English much so it might take a good time me to get casual with it, and maybe understand what others are saying and to form sentences. But one only gets better when they practice. I can download whatever app you're using, currently I have **Skype**, I just downloaded **Discord**, and I've used **hangouts**. This is lots to read, but if you got interested, add me on LoL (Synestesia), or add me on skype (havaintoharha [at] hotmail.com). :'D I hope I didn't scare anyone. I think I can pretty much play any role, but I haven't done jungling EVER (so might need help how to do it). But we all are first at something, eh? BTW, I can speak Finnish too, if you're a team from Finland. See you on LoL, if you like. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}

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