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Team Clarity - In a world without gold, we could've been heroes.
In a world without gold, we could've been heroes. - Hosted by Shivtr
Hello fellow summoners, My name is Dudu and i am leader of Team Clarity. We are team that is currently recruiting people for future competitive mode, some tournaments, and in future for amateur/semi-pro leagues. We are having quite large community and we are still trying to expand it. We are also looking for sponsors so we can be able to pay fees for some serious tournaments and also to be able to pay Analysts, Coaches, Content creators and other administration staff in our team. This is a serious team that wants to rise up and has high goals but we need committed players and staff not some insta-leavers and hoopers. Currently we are recruiting a AD Carry and Support. We are also in high need of **Analyst** and **Coach assistant**, people that have good knowledge of game and how it works out. If you are applying as Analyst or Coach, just fill form on site with some basic info and you will have 1on1 talk with Leader for getting that position. Also we are looking for Content editor and creator (someone who will lead our Youtube channel and Social Media) Minimum requirements are: (for community) _Friendliness Communication Activity Any rank can join_ Minimum requirements are: (for players) _Diamond V+ (and if you are not you will be tested to see if your skills are on Diamond level) Responsibility Maturity_ Team already has defined its rosters and already are participating tournaments. If you are interested into more things about our clan visit our [Site]( and if you are interested to apply, visit [THIS]( link. Also checkout our official teaser: > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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