Searching For Some TeamMates To hit on the rift as one and win some games and have fun

Hey just looking for some people (**preferred Rank B5-B1**) so i could get a new and fresh team for **Clash** And other upcoming competitions and just to have fun as a **Group **nothing super serious. You dont have to be english but you have to speak english so others and me can understand you. So if youre interested in being a good team mate and a competetive guy come and join me i accept every rank i dont judge people cause everyone can become better as a team and this is how we do it. So just Msg me on League my Summoner Name is **WBG** and say if youre interested in tgis discussion and ill msg you about things you wanna know > As A Team We Start, And As A Team We Will Win. This Is Our Time To Shine Im A Jg Main And My Main Are Lee Sin{{champion:64}} But I Can Play Many Other Junglers.{{champion:121}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:154}}. I dont think that knowing my rank is so crucial but its **B1** and i hope you dont care about it so much cause this is how we get our ranks higher by team work and hardship Top- Open Mid- Open Adc- Open Support- Open
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