Nordic Open (Competitive team) - Looking for D2+ Support

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Hello there. We're three Swedish people looking to compete in the Nordic Open (note: being Swedish is not a requirement, we're all comfortable with English). We're looking for two solid players to round out our team. We're currently looking for a **support** ~~and a **top/jungle** (our 3rd guy is solid in both)~~. To apply to the team you need to fill the following criteria: * At least Diamond 2 * Be a Nordic citizen * Always have a good attitude (if you're chat restricted you're out, I will never team up with somebody who flames and disregards their teammates) * Be a main in one of the missing roles (Support, ~~top or jungle~~) * Some sort of voice chat, we use Skype for 3s and general team communication but we can adjust as necessary * At least 18 years old (this is simply tournament rules, it's out of my hands) If you're interested in joining up either put a response in this thread or add me in game.
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