A very bored guy's poem

Greetings person who clicked on this post! Read somewhat slowly to enjoy this most ;) The holidays are here, my hands full of time, and yet I sit here by myself and rhyme. My friends have run off to ARK and such, and alone I don't feel like playing as much. So I was wondering, would there be a few wanting to go for some normal draft queue? Some to light again my gaming spark, to play and hang with as the day gets dark? I am a guy from Slovenia with 20 and one year, I study the thing which most people fear, if you are the kind type and seek a friend, then a friend invitation, to me you may send! Sharp Darkzero would be my League name, I have a long history with this game, I play many roles, depending on mood, I like to think that on most I am good, but if I had to separate one from the rest, then mid lane would be where I feel best. And if anyone really wanted to know, although sometimes it might not show, when I had time and gave ranked a dive, I ended up standing at Platinum five. These days casual games are more my sway, but every so often I do competitive play. If people needed me for such a task, then all they need to do is ask ;) I play a lot of games besides League too, you can message about those, I'll be happy if you do! And if all you wanted to do was chat, you can still add me, I'm down with that :) Thanks for reading this all the way through, I'm sure you had many better things to do. I hope I managed to entertain and amaze, but even if not; Happy holidays!
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