Looking for Players (Dischord/Teamspeak)

Howdy all! Hope everyone is doing well. I have recently gotten back into League after a year long Hiatus due to work and also due to other games. Now that I am getting back into the swing of things with my YouTube and Twitch channels, I was going to play League once more and document my road to getting good once again! What I am hoping to find are just people to play with on a regular occasion. If you also have a Dischord or TeamSpeak server that would be great as I am a big fan of communication in game. Willing to play with anyone of any and all skill levels or ranking. I am a former Gold 1 from back in the day but have been unranked since due to my hiatus. Hoping to meet up with some peeps and have some great times. Stay Xplosive people! :D
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