Main Jungle Looking for a duo partner in Gold elo who knows they can win their lane. (top/mid)

Hi guys/gals Darkness here. I main Jungle and can also handle Top lane pretty well. Seeking a duo partner in the Gold elo, someone who is stuck like me and looking to climb. Preferably someone who is English and mains top/mid. why not bot? well...truth of the matter is when you rely on bot to carry so much i see it as a 50/50 chance of either winning or losing. and the truth of the matter is ganking Top/mid is a much more reliable and easier way of getting pressure on your lanes. If you can only play zed/yasuo i'm honestly not interested. i need someone who can bring presence and CC to team comps, someone who i know can roam and rotate when needed. i main nocturne hence the name, but i also play vi, warwick, skarner, volibear, wukong and so on. I understand they are not particularly classed as current "meta" but in this elo i honestly don't think meta matters. These particular champs suit my play-style, they're champs that i can snowball and wipe their carry's out rather well. I've had a really bad long list of bad teams the past few weeks and seeking this is an alternative to climb, I've never really been a fan of duo but there's no harm in trying aye. feel free to add me in game Darkness Is Near or respond to this thread. Cheers.

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