[EUW] Lets create a club and get out of elo hell!!!

Hello everyone!!! ^.^ So, lets get straight to the deal: I am tired of being in bronze this season because of people that rage, dont cooperate, troll, AFK, etc. And I bet Im not the only one, I hope. For all those people that are in the same situation as mine, I think we should gather up and form a club and (try to) get out of bronze, because I know we deserve more than this ;-; For your info, I found a really nice person (he's plat I guess) that is willing to teach us bronzies ^.^ (if you dont want lessons you dont need to, just to make it clear) At the moment we are doing mostly normal matches to know each other's playstyles better, but after our lessons start (our teacher is still organizing some things) we will be doing rankeds together ;) If you are interested in joining just post a comment below and/or add me in-game :D ==> IGN: HolyWisp Hope you are willing to join :) Just something: be comprehensive about the others mistakes (specialy my mistakes, which are a lot xP) and dont rage, ok? Hope you have fun and See you soon! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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