(Established Guild) the feeders of Gondor searching for active members!

Hi fellow gamers! I am Vebjørn, the guild master of The feeders of Gondor. I want to expand my club who currently has 33 members on league, and 8 members on our private CurseVoiceserver. My dream is that in the future, we will have several active groups within the feeders of Gondor. We're on our way to that, it's not far away! My ambition is that when you're reqruited to join the CV-server, you will see several active groups in voicechannel, you'll just pick a channel and instantly get hooked up with serious players looking for both ranked, and normals. Teams with serious people, free of trolls and flamers. =) I hope one day it will be like this, it's not impossible. ^_^ If you think you can contribute positively to the guild, please feel free to join! This link will give you access to our main chat: https://curse.com/invite/ybdQl6rRVkqO4LJBaml7Yg You can contact me either directly from guildserver, or add me on EUW as: Elessar Warm greetings Elessar - Guild Master/The feeders of Gondor (EUW).
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