Over Storms is recruiting, Do you want to progress further in League of Legends?

Over Storms We are a team of dedicated players who have high dream and ambitions, who want to go further than just playing league of legends for fun we hope to improve as the seasons go on, and hopefully in 2 years be on the big stage. We are freindly and positive players who have fun while striding to win, this dream may not apply to everyone, and only some people may chase the same dream this is why you must be prepared to put all your efforts and time into this game. But dont worry there is always time to have fun and take a break. Mainly our focus is to find players who are willing to take step further in league of legends and there are only 1 in a million who have the spirit and will power to chase such dreams. Roles Top - CLOSED Jungle - CLOSED Mid - OPEN Adc - CLOSED Support - CLOSED Schedule We know that some people are busier than others, either due to education, job or personal duties. We understand and respect that, this is way as soon as all the roles are filled we will arrange a meeting where all the players will give their time they can play and we can figure out a suitable schedule to fit all players. The schedule will involve time of practice, tournament, coaching and scrims. Requirements As every team we have to set requirements so we know the players who are playing with us are experienced, and are playing to the best of their ability. The requirements are not very demanding if you read the first paragraph and you kept scrolling this means your probalbly above level 30 and around the rank of gold. The requirements are as followed: → Around the age of 14-19 → Speak Fluent or Good English → Have a working mic (Having Skype,Discord or TS ) → Rank Gold 5 and above in flex q → Live In Europe → Have time to play (Schedule arranged later) → Have a positive and freindly mindset → Most importanlty be DETERMINED you should never give up Contact Information Skype - Bartek12899 (Roronoa Zoro) League of Legends - Réd Panda Our Goal is to become the best of the best that includes being number 1 in the world on ladder, winning summer,spring split and winning worlds

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