Looking for fellow Gold scrubs to play with

Hails, fellow Gold scrubs! I am a well-seasoned Gold player with more than 1500 games experience in this division. I have finished season 5 in Gold 2, and yesterday I got demoted from Gold 2... but I hope I will return to my beloved division. My expectations from a duo fellow are: - Good knowledge of English (for you on EUW who may read this, English knowledge is a rare thing on our server) - If you flame, you should do it in a smart manner and without using the words "report", "noob", "retard", "idiot" and "gg" - just throw some jests to rustle their jimmies - Ability of playing more than 5 games a day, or at least 3 (I usually play 8, but school is to start soon so I will play like 3-4 then) - Your division should be between Gold 5 and Platinum 5 You should also tell where are you from since I usually am able to make an opinion about people based on the country they are from (there are some countries which I like and some which... I do not like). By the way, I am from Romania. I would prefer you to write here before sending invitation in game, but it can be done the other way as well.
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