Master rank: found out there is elohell

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Hello, I was master rank in season 6, had no problems climbing the ladder in a month from plat to master. However I quit the game mid-season and now I'm back. I play on my new account, got placed in silver 2 its fine, easy to climb to master. But no. Silver is way way worse than ANY rank. I manage to pull 70-80% wins in platinum but 50-60% in silver, due to teams are you know that.. it feels like they are doing their very hardest to make me lose, it feels like riot has tracked my smurf and give me the worst teams ever, how ridiculous it sounds.. I have master adc friend whos in silver also we played 1 game together, both were fed but we managed to carry it even though it was close with 0-10 teammates. Think I need to swap on my main to get placed in plat for easy games. Greetings, Teemo in Uranus (rank 1 teemo EUW season 6)
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