Plat 5 Top laner looking for serious team

Hi I'm Brandon (or you can call me Baz), I am 19 and I am from the UK, I am currently Plat V in soloQ and also Plat V in flexQ and I am looking for a serious team to join, play and improve with What I want from your team: -Friendly team members than can develop into friends -No toxicity when we do badly or lose a game -Commitment -Organizing to join events or online tournaments -English speaking (I only speak English and I can only understand English) What I can give you: -A friendly Top laner -Commitment -A large champion pool -Expansive League of Legends knowledge that has come with experience -Determination and perseverance -Very flexible play times I am shy at first but when I get to know you more I will open up more and I will communicate and talk with the team more. I hope you consider this post and if you are interested please message me on league, IGN: Bazrington. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

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